Top 5 Reason to Choose Winter Kuari Pass Trek

Explored and popularized by Lord Curzon, the trail leading to Kuari Pass offers a mesmerizing view of the grand Himalayan mountain ranges. But apart from the awe-inspiring view, this trek offers many more treasures to the trekkers. Are you curious to know what winter Kuari Pass trek can offer? Here are top 5 reasons you should immediately book this pass trek. 

The Only Mountain Pass Trek in Winter in Uttarakhand

For eons, mountain passes have been held in high respect due to the nature of their being. Not a living being and yet a connector between lively cultures, places, and, in general, civilizations, mountain passes have brought people together. To visit such a pass, and through the perfect wonderland settings of snowy landscapes, is a treat you should not miss! What’s more, in this trek, Kuari pass is not the only pass you get to cross. There are Vinakayak Pass and Tali top also where you will experience the joy of crossing the challenges of a mountain pass trek!


Come Face-To-Face with Mt Nanda Devi, the 2nd Highest Peak of India

Now, here is the second top reason to choose Kuari Pass trek, the imposing full view of Mt. Nanda Devi. Standing at a height of 7817mt, this seven-thousander offers a divine view, which is one of the top treasures that you get in this pass trek. However, Mt. Nanda Devi is not the only peak to grace the vista. At the Kuari Top, from the camping sites, you will get to witness the panoramic presence of many other well-known peaks of the Garhwal Himalaya. A few of these include, Mt. Trishul, Chaukhamba, Dronagiri, Hathi-Ghoda Parvat and others. It’s a full buffet to the eyes of mountain lovers! 

Variety of landscapes – Magical Forests and Vast Meadows

Any trek in Uttarakhand has its distinct charm. Kuari Pass trek is no different. Once you begin your journey from Joshimath, one famous pilgrim town, you will be greeted with the intricate framework of magical forests adorned with Oak, Deodar, Rhododendron trees! A walk among them imbibes the mind into calmness, relaxes the senses with the musky smell of the earth and forests and also is a treat for the eyes. And in winter when the trees stand there covered with fresh snows that view itself resembles some fairy-tale landscape! Just when you start getting absorbed in the beauty of the forest, the trail opens up to the meadows, the bugyals, one of the many treasures that Himalayan landscapes offer to the trekkers! The bugyals are like nature’s amphitheatre. You get to witness the grand view of the snow-capped mountains keeping you company all the time. 

Outstanding Campsites

One of the greatest attractions of Kuari Pass trek is also its picturesque campsites. In the 4 days of the trek, you will get to camp at spots where you can marvel at the panoramic beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. Whether you are camping under the canopy of the Chitrakantha forest or in the open meadow of the Khullara, be ready to be enthralled by the scenic view all around! Campsites of this winter trek is sure to take all your exhaustions away at the end of each day’s journey. The simplicity of a camping life at the backdrop of the grand mountains like Mt. Dronagiri and others will surely offer a great respite from the city-hustle-bustle. 

A Perfect Trail for both the Novice and Experienced Trekkers 

Are you new to the trekking world and wondering which winter trek will help you in your journey? Close your eyes and choose winter Kuari Pass trek. Despite being a mountain pass trek the trail of Kuari Pass does not throw a tough challenge. The total trek is of around 33 kms and traverses through forests, meadows and passes. The variety of landscapes itself offers a cushioning effect that takes the edge out of the journey and the trekkers can enjoy the trail without being too exhausted. The grand treat to the eyes that stalwart mountain ranges like Mt. Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba and others offer, further uplifts the spirit of the trekkers and makes the total experience a memorable one. 

Now, you have all the reasons in-front of you to choose Kuari Pass Trek and gift yourself a perfect winter trek. In case, you are still oscillating between a mountain pass or a bugyal or a summit trek or want to make a list of the top winter treks, check out Dayaral Bugyal trek or Winter Kedarkantha trek with Himalaya Shelter. I am sure you would not have to look further. 

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