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In recent years, trekking has become increasingly popular in our country. It is emerging as one of the most favored extracurricular activities for the younger generation and corporate groups alike. Trekking, once considered a challenging endeavor, has become more accessible due to improved services, better equipment, and, of course, the willingness and endurance of trekkers.

Different age groups have varying preferences when it comes to selecting suitable treks. Additionally, different groups of trekkers may have specific requirements that need to be addressed. To understand and meet the needs of trekkers, Himalaya Shelter provides the option of designing a customized trekking program tailored to their preferences.

What do we mean by Customised Trekking Program?

At Himalaya Shelter, we offer you the option to personalize your trekking experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a group of friends, or a family, you can choose our tailored trekking program. This custom trek will be exclusively designed for you, considering your specific requirements for transportation, accommodation, meals, and any other premium facilities you may need during the trek. No additional participants will be added to your group. Opting for a customized trek allows you to fully enjoy the journey with your loved ones.

In this article, we aim to provide you with comprehensive information about what our customized trekking program entails and the facilities that can be provided during the trek.

Improvise the Itinerary:

The customized trekking program allows you to design the itinerary according to your convenience. For instance, Himalaya Shelter conducts trekking programs for treks such as Kedarkantha Trek and Phulara Ridge Trek separately. If you wish to merge these treks and complete both in one go, you can do so. A special itinerary will be tailored exclusively for you.

Let’s illustrate this with another example. Imagine you’re planning to embark on the challenging Bali Pass Trek. Typically, this trek takes around 8 days to complete. By opting for the customized trekking program, you can extend the duration by adding a few more days. This will allow you to spend extra time at your favorite campsites.

Therefore, in the customized trekking program, you can inform us about the total days you can spare for the trek and your specific requirements. Based on this information, we will design a trekking program tailored to your needs.

Certified Trek Leaders and Supporting Staff:

You and your group will be accompanied by an experienced trek leader. All our trek leaders are certified by reputable mountaineering institutions in India. They are well-trained to guide trekkers through the trek and handle emergency situations effectively.

We have hosted trekkers and nature lovers of all age groups from different parts of the world, and our courteous staff is well-trained to serve all clients and cater to their needs.

Accommodation Facilities in the Customised Trekking Program:

Typically, when embarking on a trek, your accommodation on the first and second-to-last days is arranged in a guest house or hotel.

Homestay in Osla, Uttarakhand Photo Credits: Arnab Das

In the customized trekking program, you have the flexibility to choose your accommodation. You can opt to stay in a hotel of your preference. Alternatively, if you’re interested in experiencing village homestays, arrangements can be made, subject to the availability of such properties.

Northface Tents being used by Himalaya Shelter

During trekking days, trekkers are usually accommodated in Alpine tents. However, in the customized trekking program, upon your request, Himalaya Shelter can provide premium-quality 4-season tents such as those from North Face, Mountain Hardware, and Vango.

Furthermore, you can specify your preferred room or tent-sharing basis. We can arrange accommodation ranging from single sharing to quad sharing according to your requirements.

Separate kitchen and enhanced Meals:

When you opt for the customized trekking program, Himalaya Shelter provides you with a separate kitchen and cooking staff who will be at your service 24/7.

Considering your dietary requirements and limitations, we can provide:

Traditional Garhwali Thali
  • Vegetarian or non-vegetarian food options
  • Gluten-free food
  • Jain/Swaminarayan food

Upon special requests, we can also serve you traditional cuisines, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Transportation in Customised Trekking Program:

Depending on the size of your group, you can inform us about your vehicle requirements.

Taking into account the comfort you desire and the size of your group, we can arrange transportation in the following options:

  • Bus
  • Tempo Traveller
  • SUVs (such as Innova, Tavera, or Bolero)
  • Sedan Car

Comfort and Convenience:

By getting the bag offloading service, you will be able to enjoy the trek without getting exhausted due to carrying your heavy backpack

To enhance your convenience, we offer bag offloading services. By opting for this service, you can enjoy the trek more comfortably without getting exhausted, thus enhancing your overall trekking experience.

Types of equipment provided in the Customised Trekking Program:

Air Mattresses and Air Pillows:

We always provide good quality foam mattresses and sleeping bags in the tents. In the customized trekking program, we additionally offer air mattresses and air pillows. These will provide you with the much-needed comfort and rest that is essential after a long day of trekking.

Tent Lamps:

Himalaya Shelter provides camping lamps that you can hang in your tents for better visibility at night. Playing cards with your loved ones or sharing life stories in the tent at night will be a delightful experience, won’t it?

Camping Chairs:

Himalaya Shelter provides premium-quality camping chairs with back support so that you can spend some peaceful time enjoying the spectacular Himalayan scenery and mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views.

Dining Tent with Dining Table:

A separate tent will be provided for dining purposes. You won’t have to sit on the floor to eat; instead, there will be a dining table set up for you.

Separate Toilet Tent with Portable Toilet Seat:

Himalaya Shelter takes great care in maintaining hygiene at our campsites. We will provide you/your group with a separate toilet tent equipped with portable toilet seats during your trekking days.


Undoubtedly, opting for the customized trekking program will be more comfortable and enjoyable. You will have more time to spend with your loved ones in the embrace of Mother Nature in the Divine Himalayas. It will surely be an enchanting experience for you. By joining us on the customized trekking programs, you will find complete peace of mind and solitude.

Who can join us on the customized trekking program?

Solo travelers, Groups of friends, Couples, Families, and Corporate groups can approach us to design a customized program for them.

A group of friends enjoying the customised trekking program of the Valley of Flowers Trek with Himalaya Shelter

Additionally, we design customized trekking plans for groups of professional national and international mountaineers, bird watchers, school/college students, government officials, and senior citizens.

Please note that the photographs posted here are for informative purposes to showcase the services of Himalaya Shelter. While the quality of equipment will remain consistent, please be aware that depending on weather conditions, terrains, and equipment availability, the specific brands of equipment may vary.

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In Himalaya Shelter, we provide you with the option to customize your trekking experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a group of friends, or a family, you can opt for our personalized tailor-made trekking program. This customized trek will be exclusively designed for you, taking into account your specific requirements for transportation, accommodation, meals, and any other premium facilities you may need during the trek. No other participants will be added to your group. Choosing a customized trek will enable you to fully enjoy the trek with your loved ones.

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