Reasons to choose Phulara Ridge Trek 

Phulara Ridge is a different trek compared to others because of its terrain. That’s why it is a kind of trek in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.  Many people don’t know the definition of Ridge. Therefore, let us explain it to you, it is a sharp and narrow trail between two mountains. Which certainly means it’s going to be a different and adventurous experience from other treks. The main reason to choose Phulara Ridge Trek is to experience the trail and gain memories. Phualar Ridge connects you to Kedarkantha summit to the range behind Taluka village which is more thrilling. Here you will get all the information on why you should choose Phulra Ridge Trek. 

    Magnificent vie

Phulara Ridge provides you with beautiful fresh green Pshatara meadows and a view of the Himalayas. Along with the view, it offers you to see snow-capped peaks like; Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, and Swargarohini. One of the best reasons to choose Phulara Ridge Trek is that it allows trekkers to have a 360-degree view of mountains.

    The terrain 

Phulara Ridge includes a variety of trees like Pine trees and Oak trees. Moreover, the terrain is surrounded by dense forest which looks more charming with snow on it. You can also see rhododendrons, silver birches, and maples. You will be able to encounter small bridges sharp ascend. The grass will be filled with yellow flowers. 

    The Rivers and Flowers 

In the Phulara Ridge Trek trekkers can enjoy the breathtaking view of many rivers like Yamuna and Tons. These rivers are so beautiful and unique that they change color from milky white to deep green. However, flowers make the valley look more attractive. Nevertheless, you can find flowers like Yellow marsh marigolds, purple lilies, Brahma Kamal, and Fankamal. All these flowers are unique are help trekkers to feel a refreshing vibe while trekking. 


You can encounter wildlife species like 11 Himalayan Monals. However, this is a bird of Uttrakhand and it is said that it’s rare to see Uttarakhand birds so, you can experience something unique and rare. Moreover, you can experience to face of musk deer, Himalayan marmot, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan Goral, and Himalayan Blue Sheep (Baral). These all are found only in the Himalayas so if you see them you are lucky. so. these can be reasons to choose Phulara Ridge Trek.

    Cultural experience 

If you are going for Phulara Ridge Trek you will find villages in the route. In such Himalayan villages, you will be able to see their culture and as the people of the villages are friendly you can talk to them and know more about their culture. Trekkers can learn more about the Gadwali language however, you can try the local foods of the village for example gadwall thali and many other local dishes. You will get to see the traditional clothes and customs of the village. Nevertheless, you can listen to the history of the Phulara Rodge Trek from the villagers. 

    Juda Ka Talab 

As the trek starts from Sankri village and along with Phulara Ridge it is the base camp of other treks too. Like Kedarkantha Trek, Dayara Bugyal Trek, Bali Pass Trek, etc. Moreover, one of the reasons to choose Phulara Trek is Juda KaTalab as it is the famous Alpine Lake of the Sankri region. This lake freezes during winters and thus it looks more beautiful. 

    The route of camps and experience 

When you start your trek from the base camp and you move forward you will discover new and exciting paths. However, it will be a memorable experience for you because Phulara Ridge Trek provides stunning campsite views. Like Pushtara, Bhoj Gadi. At night the mountains are so clear that you can see every star in the sky. 

You will be able to connect more with nature due to the campsite view. Be able to spend a beautiful time with your families and friends. 

    Less crowded trekking destination 

As everyone knows the Phulara Ridge Trek is unique. Many trekkers are still unaware about this trek therefore it’s less crowded than other treks. You will find fewer terriers on this trek as compared to the Kedarkantha Trek, Roopkund, Dyara Bugyal, and many others. Nevertheless, if there is not much crowd you will be able to see the view and enjoy the trek without any disturbance and with solitude. Due to these reasons, you will be able to connect more with the beautiful surroundings. 


The Phulara rIdge trek is moderately difficult. However, both beginners and experienced trekkers can do the trek. There can be some challenges with the terrain and there are many fewer treks that have snow in spring so be careful with the snow. It is a 6-day trek thus, you have to walk around 5 to 6 hours a day so, be confident and have a wonderful experience. 

On the whole, The Phulara Ridge Trek will help to come close to Mother Nature. You will get a lifetime memorable experience with these treks. moreover, the highlights of the trek which are mentioned above will make your trekking more thrilling and breathtaking. Live and enjoy each and every moment of the trek as it is one of a kind and there are no other treks that have such terrains as it does. To help you throughout the trek choose the best agency which is going to make to relax and let to enjoy the trekking without any worries about other things. However all these reasons will make you sure to choose Phulara Ridge Trek so, hope you will enjoy your trek without any problem. If you face any challenges just be calm control your body balance and most importantly have confidence.