Top 10  Moderate Treks in Uttarakhand

Are you looking for a trek that is not too easy, but not too difficult either? If yes, then these moderate treks might be just what you are looking for! We’ve curated a list of top 10 moderate treks in Uttarakhand which are just the kind you are looking for.

10 Moderate Treks in Uttarakhand:-

1. Kagbhusandi Lake Trek:

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Kagbhusandi Lake is said to have been created by the Pandavas when they were in exile. The Kaghbhasundi trek has an altitude of approximately 5,200 meters (17,060 feet) and a trek length of 65 km, covered over 6-7 days. Despite its difficulty due to high altitude and harsh weather, it does not involve much technical terrain on the trail. We have included it as one of the top 10 moderate treks in Uttarakhand.

The best time to do this trek is the months of September and October. You can also do the trek during the summer months of May and June. This lake trek is unique as the views of the lake are like that of a shade pallet of greens. The trek route offers views of the stunning Himalaya peaks like Neelkanth, Hathi Parvat, and Chaukhamba. The steep ascents and descents require a moderate to high fitness level. Trekkers will come across many local Hindu shrines which is an opportunity to seek blessings and worship the culture.

Kagbhusandi Lake, PC- Abhijit Kol

2. Vasuki Tal Trek:

The Vasuki Tal is a holy glacial lake near Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. It is considered so holy as this lake is believed to be where Lord Vishnu bathed during Rakshabandhan.  The altitude of the trek is approximately 14,200 feet above sea level. The trek length depends on the starting point. For example, the trek length from Kedarnath is 8kms. Perhaps, the duration also depends on the starting point of the trek. If you are considering this trek, September to November and the summer months is a reliable time to do this trek. One can witness mighty pedals like the Shivling, Meru, Thalay Sagar, and the Bhagirathi Massif. The fitness level required for the Vasuki Tal Trek is moderate, one must practice breathwork and build stamina.

Vasuki Tal, PC- Bachan Rana

3. Rupin Pass Trek:

Rupin Pass is one of the most popular cross-over treks in India. What is intriguing about this trek is that it starts from Uttarakhand but most of the time, the trekker will actually will be hiking in Himachal. The trek length to Rupin Pass at the height of 15,200 feet is approximately 53 km (7-8 days). The most comfortable window to trek The Rupin Pass is May-June and September-October. Rupin Pass is one of those treks that is full of surprises and offers amazing views of the Kailash Parvat.

Upper Waterfall- Rupin Pass Trek, PC- Shubhab Das

4. Kedartal Lake Trek:

The Kedar Tal translates to Kedar which means Lord Shiva; Tal translates to lake. Perhaps, one could say the Kedartal trek leads to the contribution of Lord Shiva to the Bhagirathi. Kedartal is one of the highest-altitude lakes in India at a height of 16,000 feet. The Kedartal is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The trek length and distance vary according to the starting point. Usually, it is 20kms which takes 7 days. When is the best time? Again, the summer months of May and June are pleasant while June and October are also reliable. Trekkers get to enjoy the flora and fauna, waterfalls, and mesmerizing views of Jogin, Thalay Sagar, and other beautiful peaks. To get fit for this trek, one must do cardio and maintain a healthy diet.

Kedartal with the view of Thalay Sagar Peak, PC- Dheeraj

5. Bagini Glacier Trek:

You’ll be surprised to know that Bagini Glacier is where Hanuman Ji got the Sanjivini Booti for Lakshman in the epic Ramayana. It is said that he cut a part of this mountain and flew across with the cut part in his hand rather than on his little finger. The Bagini Glacier is in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The starting point of the trek is Jumma, Chamoli which passes through the Nanda Devi Sanctuary and along the views of Trishul, Ghori Parvat, Dunagiri, and Hathi Parvat. The altitude of the mountain is approximately 15,00 feet while the trek length is around 45kms which is covered in 7-8 days. You’d want to do this trek in the May-June or September-October. One needs to be physically fit, able to walk for long hours, and hike at high altitudes.

Bagini Glacier Trek, PC- Abhiroop Das

6. Baraadsar Lake Trek:

The Baraadsar Lake sits in Uttarkashi at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet. This lake is believed to be very sacred, wish-fulfilling, and abode to the Holy Spirit of the deity of the local region – Devi Baraadsari. It is said that this lake was also one of the trade routes between India and Tibet. The trek to the Baraadsar Lake starts from the Sankari base camp is 30-40kms which spans over 5-6 days. The most suitable time to do this trek is May and June, as the weather is pleasant and the lake is not frozen. Trekkers also get to witness the magnificent sight of the Bandarpoonch Peak, Swargarohini, Gangotri, and Black Peak. It is advisable for trekkers planning to do the Baraadsar Lake trek to gain some short trek experiences and make themselves physically fit.

Baraadsar Lake, PC- Pramod Singh

7. Gaumukh Tapovan Trek:

The starting point of this trek is also the starting point/origin of the holy Ganges – Gangotri. The Gau means cow’s mouth which is a personification of the source of the Ganges. As per our texts and beliefs, Gaumukh is where the Hindu sage Narada meditated for the attainment of enlightenment. Tapovan is where Lord Shiva meditated for many years. The Gaumukh Tapovan is not just spiritually and religiously rich but also breathtakingly beautiful. The mighty mountain sits at an altitude of 14,500 feet and attracts Char Dham Yatra pilgrims and sages as a popular trek. The distance and time of this trek is 14kms and 2-3 days respectively. The best time to do this spiritual hike is between May and October. Before one plans to do this trek, he/she/they must undergo physical training and build endurance.

Chirbasa- Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, PC- Bachan Rana

8. Pangarchulla Trek:

If you suffering from an ailment, Pangarchulla might be able to heal you! The Pangarchulla peak located in Chamoli, Uttarakhand is believed to have super healing powers and has many tails surrounding it. Some call it Lord Ganesha’s play area, some call it the magic mountain, while some call it a point on the journey of Pandavas to the Swargarohini. This adventurous summit trek is towards the peak at an altitude of almost 15000 ft. The distance of the trek depends on the starting point but usually, it takes up to a week to complete it. The Pangarchulla trek requires a good physical fitness level. Prior experience is advisable and stamina is a must. You can trek throughout the year, except during the monsoon months of July to September and the winter months of December to March.

Pangurchula Trek, PC- Himalaya Shelter

9. Fachu Kandi Pass Trek:

Fachu Kandi Pass connects Sankri to Yamunotri Valley through Hanuman Chatti, standing tall at 4,275 meters. It’s a special trek with untouched meadows and the stunning beauty of the Himalayas. Starting from Sankri village, the trek follows the Kedarkantha path to reach Juda ka Talab. The journey takes you through the Phulara Ridge, a favorite among trekkers, offering breathtaking landscapes. Camping at Pushtara Meadows and visiting the serene Saru Tal glacial lake add excitement. Crossing the pass into Yamunotri Valley, this adventure blends the charm of Phulara Ridge, Saru Tal, and the pass in just 7-8 trekking days.

Fachukandi Pass via Phulara Ridge, PC- Himalaya Shelter

10. Satopanth Lake Trek:

‘Sat’ means truth, while ‘Panth’ means path. Satopanth’s meaning is the path of truth. The Satopanth Lake is a pristine triangular lake in Chamoli amidst the Chaukhambha, Balakun, and Swargarohini peaks. The triangular lake mediates the presence of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma at its three points. The Satopanth lake is an altitude of approximately 15,000 feet which takes up to 35 km or 7-8 days to reach by trekking. The best time to do this trek is between June and September.

Satopanth Lake, PC- Himalaya Shelter

That’s a wrap, trekkers! Now, pick the trek that suits you the best, among these top 10 Moderate Treks in Uttarakhand. Pack your gear, and get on the mountain. Stay safe, happy trekking!

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