Best Treks to do & Best Places to Visit in Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Due to its prime location and connectivity via the airport, railway station, and bus station, it attracts tourists, trekkers, pilgrims, nature lovers, and birdwatchers. Dehradun serves as the first destination or base camp for treks in the Garhwal Himalayas. The spiritual cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar, as well as the famous hill station Mussoorie, are neighboring cities to Dehradun. This article will be helpful for those seeking the best options for a one-day hike or looking to embark on a trek near Dehradun.

1) Forest Research Institute (FRI):

Forest Research Institute (FRI)

The Forest Research Institute (FRI) is one of the most famous and well-known destinations in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. FRI is renowned for its beautiful architecture, lush greenery, and museums. It’s considered the perfect place in Dehradun to visit with family. Exploring the museums provides a valuable learning experience for those interested in the flora and fauna of the Himalayas. Additionally, visitors can purchase gifts from the Sovereign shop for their loved ones.

Museum at Forest Research Institute (FRI)

2) Prakasheshwar Mahadev / Shiv Mandir:

Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir

The Prakasheshwar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Shiva Temple is unique compared to others because it does not accept offerings from devotees. The beautiful architecture and divine ‘Sfatik’ Shivling attract many devotees and tourists to this temple. Located very near to the lap of Mussoorie, this temple is a must-visit place for spiritual seekers.

3) Thano Forest Walk:

Beautiful Tarils going through Lush green forests

The Thano forest is an ideal location for those seeking an offbeat trek near Dehradun, aiming for peace and solitude. Walking through the lush green forests will fill you with positivity and enthusiasm.

4) Dak Pathar:

Reservoier at Dak Pathar

Dak Pathar is indeed an intriguing name for a city, isn’t it? Its origin remains somewhat mysterious. Dak Pathar is situated at an altitude of 790 meters (2,590 feet) in the Dehradun district, along the banks of the holy river Yamuna in the Shivalik Mountain Range. The beautiful reservoir in this area has made it a popular destination among tourists. To reach Dak Pathar, one must drive for approximately 45 kilometers.

5) Lambi Dehar Mines:

Haunted Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambidhar mines, also known as Lambi Dehar mines, are considered to be one of the most haunted places near Uttarakhand. Locals believe that in earlier days, around 50,000 mine workers lost their lives in the Lambi Dehar Mines. Since then, locals often report hearing screaming sounds and sinister cries emanating from the mines. The mine is now closed and slowly being reclaimed by nature. However, thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush still pay visits to these abandoned mines. Not only of Uttarakhand but this place is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India.

6) Kalsi – Walking through forest Trails and Visiting Ashoka Rock Edicts:

Ashoka Shilalekh at Kalsi

Kalsi is an underrated yet beautiful Himalayan village, renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance. Situated at an altitude of 780 meters (2,560 feet), Kalsi is located 50 kilometers away from Dehradun.

You can reach Kalsi by car and opt to explore the forest trails. Additionally, visitors can visit the Ashoka Rock Edicts (Ashoka Shilalekh). A serene walk through the lush green forest is a must-do activity when in Kalsi.

7) Robbers Cave / Gucchu Pani:

Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is one of the most famous picnic destinations for families near Dehradun. The beautiful water streams and rocky caves attract adventure lovers seeking an easy day hike and a relaxing spot.

8) Hike to Old Mussoorie from Dehradun:

Walking through the forest trail in misty weather

In earlier days, when roads were not constructed, people used to travel by foot from one city to another. There is a forest trail in Dehradun that takes you to Mussoorie. This trek starts from Rajpur Road and ends at the Old Toll Road in Mussoorie. This 8 km hike takes 2-3 hours to complete. During this trek, there are certain sections with steep climbs. If you have good physical and mental endurance, you can embark on this trek. Trekking from Dehradun to Mussoorie will surely be rewarding.

9) Maldevta Temple and Waterfall:

Maldevta Waterfall

Maldeva Temple is a remote temple nestled in the lush green forests of Dehradun. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Maldevta Temple sits near a beautiful Himalayan river. Maldevta is a renowned picnic destination in Dehradun, attracting tourists from around the world. During the summer months, visitors can also bathe in the Maldevta Waterfall. To reach the Maldevta Waterfall, you’ll need to hike for 25-30 minutes through the forest trails.

10) Kalinga Park:

War Memorial dedicated to Gorkha and British soldiers
Beautiful Trail Leading to Kalinga War Memorial, Uttarakhand

Kalinga Park is located near Maldevta in Dehradun. This place is actually a war memorial constructed by the British for the courageous Gorkhas who fought against them under the leadership of Gorkha Balbhadra ji. The British suffered significant losses in this battle and had to struggle greatly to reclaim the land. The valor of 600 Gorkhas astounded 3,500 well-equipped British soldiers. Subsequently, the British constructed this memorial to commemorate the bravery of the Gorkhas.

Kalinga War memorial representing the bravery of Gorkha Soldiers

11) Dwara Village Trail:

The magnificent Beauty of the Himalayas appearing from Dwara

This trek is most suitable for trekkers who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas without trekking for long distances. First, you will have to drive to Darva from Dehradun, which is approximately a 20 km drive. You can rent a bike or scooter from Dehradun to reach this place. Once you arrive, you’ll need to trek through the forests for 1-2 km to reach the beautiful ‘Kharak,’ an opening amidst the forest. The view from this small meadow is spectacular. There is a temple located on the top of the hill where you can pay homage.

You can include Maldevta Bridge, Maldevta Temple, and Kalinga Park in this visit. By doing this, you’ll have a perfect one-day hiking program near Dehradun.

12) Buddhist Temple, Dehradun:

Buddhist Temple, Dehradun

The Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Dehradun is one of the most famous places in Uttarakhand. Due to its spiritual and historical significance, this temple is visited by innumerable Buddhist followers and tourists every year. Constructed in 1965 by His Eminence the Kochen Rinpoche, this Buddhist temple is built in Japanese architecture. The divine atmosphere of this temple will alleviate all your worries. The beautiful prayer hall and Buddha statues are the main center of attraction of this temple.

Prayer Hall of the Buddhist Temple, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

13) St. Francis Church:

St. Francis Church is famous for its beautiful wall paintings

St. Francis Church was built in 1856. This church is renowned for its beautiful wall paintings and architecture. It is believed that an Italian artist created these exquisite paintings on the walls of the church, which were later restored in the year 2014. In the premises of the church, the life stories of Jesus Christ are beautifully depicted through different sculptures. This church is primarily famous for its stunning wall paintings.

14) Dehradun Zoo / Malsi Deer Park:

Spotted Deers at Dehradun Zoo

Dehradun Zoo is a must-visit place if you’re on a family tour. Children will surely enjoy the visit to the zoo. Also known as Malsi Deer Park because of its vast population of deer, you may be able to spot two-horned deer and Neelgai. Apart from the deer and antelopes, children will also enjoy spotting beautiful peacocks, rabbits, and hares.

15) Kipling Trail Trek:

Beautiful Himalayan landscapes in monsoon

Who hasn’t heard of Kipling? The famous writer loved to roam in the Himalayas. The trail he took to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun is known as the Kipling Trail. Taking the Kipling Trail, you will pass through beautiful forest trails and also an old train tunnel. The Kipling Trail is a 5 km steep climb from Dehradun to Mussoorie, which takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

Serene Trails and Divine Sunrays Through Forest

16) Tapakeshwar Mahadev Temple:

Tapkeshwar Mahadev Mandir also known as Guru Dronacharya Gufa, Dehradun

Tapakeshwar Mahadev Temple is a cave temple. ‘Tapak’ means ‘to drip’. This temple is called Tapakeshwar Mahadev Temple because water continuously drips from the ceiling of the cave over the Shivlinga. The Shivalinga is a ‘Swayambhu Shivlinga’, which means no one placed it there; it emerged on its own. It is believed that 5000-6000 years ago, this cave used to be the residence of Guru Dronacharya. You may spot many snakes rolling harmlessly near the temple.

Natural Shivling at the Tapakeshwar Mahadev Temple

17) Sahastradhara Waterfall:

Sahastradahara Waterfalls near Mussoorie, Dehradun

As the name indicates, there are hundreds of streams flowing through this place. Sahastradhara is one of the most famous picnic spots near Dehradun, and in summer, this place gets filled with tourists. You can take a bath in one of the ponds. In earlier days when there were not so many tourists coming to this place, the water used to contain medicinal properties. However, these days, so many tourists come to this place and take baths, polluting the water. It is located at a 15 km distance from Dehradun.

18) Daat Kali Temple:

Sacred Daat Kali Mata Temple, Dehradun

The Daat Hali Mandir or Daat Kali Temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali. There is an interesting historical story associated with this temple. Long ago, when the British were digging a tunnel through the mountains, a worker found the statue of Goddess Mahakali. After that, the team faced many hardships to continue the work. One day, the British officer who was leading the project had a mysterious dream, after which he immediately constructed this temple. Once the temple was built, the work of the tunnel was completed without any trouble. This divine temple is located 16 km away from Dehradun. If you are lucky, you may spot wild elephants in the forest near the temple.

19) Santala Devi Temple Trek:

Santala Devi Temple on the Hill top

Santala Devi Temple is located 17 km away from Dehradun. It is named after Devi Santala. Legend has it that after defeating the cruel Mughal ruler Aurangzeb and his army, Maa Santala and her brother transformed themselves into two rocks. These rocks, known as Santala Devi and her brother Santoor, are worshipped here. To reach the temple, you will need to trek for 1-2 km, which will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. During summer, you may find the trek exhausting due to excessive heat.

20) Laxman Siddh Temple:

Laxman Siddh Temple

Laxman Siddh Temple is another spiritual destination in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, known as Devbhumi for its spiritual significance. You can reach Laxman Siddh Temple by vehicle. To reach Laxman Well, also known as Laxman Kuva, you will have to trek for half a kilometer through dense forests. According to legend, when Goddess Sita was thirsty, Laxman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, shot an arrow into the earth, and from that place, the well emerged.

Information about Laxman Siddh Temple

21) Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara – Jhanda Sahib:

Jhanda Sahib, Dehradun

Jhanda Sahib Gurudwara is situated in the heart of Dehradun. Those interested in exploring the diverse culture of the state will undoubtedly enjoy visiting this divine place. There is an interesting backstory associated with this Gurudwara, which you can learn during interactions with the devotees working there. Jhanda Sahib derives its name from a tall flag placed at the western entrance. Every year, a grand festival or ‘mela’ is organized during the flag-changing ceremony.

22) Regional Science Centre (RSC), Dehradun:

RSC Dehradun

The Regional Science Centre will surely be a wonderful place to visit with kids. After paying a nominal entry fee, you can enter the Regional Science Centre, also known as Science City, Dehradun. You will be able to observe various science experiments, learn about the geography and culture of the Himalayas, and participate in fun activities. The government has also installed some fun rides for kids. Additionally, there is a small dinosaur park on the premises of the Regional Science Centre. If you are traveling to Dehradun with your kids, the RSC Dehradun is a must-visit place.

23) MDDA Park, Dehradun:


MDDA Park is situated on the way to Dehradun-Mussoorie on Rajpur Road and is one of the most renowned parks in Dehradun. Botany enthusiasts should definitely pay a visit to this park. It offers many fun rides for kids, making MDDA the ideal family destination in Dehradun. The park features a beautiful gazebo where visitors can relax and enjoy breathtaking mountain views. Every evening after 7:00 pm, a light and sound show is organized, narrating the rich history and culture of Uttarakhand.

There are no entry charges to access the park; however, it is necessary to show your ID proof. Additional charges apply if you wish to enjoy the light and sound show.

24) Fun Valley:

Bird-eye view of Fun Valley, Dehradun

Fun Valley Dehradun is a renowned water and amusement park in Dehradun, popular especially during the summer months for those seeking to enjoy water rides. It offers a variety of water slides, rides, and adventure attractions.

25) Gurudwara Paonta Sahib:

Prayer Hall, Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is actually situated in Himachal Pradesh, but due to its close proximity to Dehradun (60 km), spiritual seekers and travelers often explore this divine place. The 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, was invited to this place to resolve tense relations between the two territories. With his immense patience and divine wisdom, he successfully mediated the conflict. Subsequently, he stayed at this peaceful place for four and a half years.

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib at the bank of the holy river Yamuna

Located on the banks of the Holy River Yamuna, Gurudwara Paonta Sahib mesmerizes visitors with its divine peace and instills immense positivity. It is a renowned pilgrimage site for the Sikh community, offering accommodation facilities for Yatris/tourists. Visit and immerse yourself in the divinity of Gurudwara Paonta Sahib.

26) Shikhar Waterfall:

Shikhar Waterfall, Dehradun

The Shikhar waterfall is located 12 km away from Dehradun. It is advisable to travel by your own vehicle or rent a two-wheeler from Dehradun to reach Shikhar Falls. After a certain point, you will need to leave your vehicle and trek for 1 km to reach the waterfall, which takes about half an hour. During summertime, many tourists visit this place to bathe in the beautiful waterfall. There are also several smaller waterfalls near Shikhar Falls. It’s best to avoid visiting during the monsoon months.

27) Sai Mandir, Dehradun:

Sai Mandir, Dehradun

Sai Mandir is a renowned spiritual tourist destination in Dehradun. The Sai Baba Temple was constructed in the year 1994. Every day, the community kitchen serves food to numerous travelers, devotees, and needy people without asking for anything in return. People of all religions come to this temple to pray. Therefore, Sai Mandir sets a beautiful example of religious harmony and represents the rich culture and heritage of our great nation.

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