Difficulty Factors on the Trek to Kedarkantha Peak

The Kedarkantha Trek is famous among beginners because it is moderately difficult. This means the trek is doable but is long in terms of number of days. It is located in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.  the Kedarkantha trek is a winter trek, besides being for beginners, the trek is best for experienced trekkers. 

Here, are some challenges you can face during the Kedarkantha Trek:

  1. Duration: the distance of The Kedarkantha Trek is approximately 20km,m which is also 12.4 miles. Therefore, it takes around 5 to 6 days to complete. Hence, due to its long days, it makes the trek easy and relaxing for beginners too. 
  1. Altitude: at first, you may start the Kedarkantha trek at a lower altitude but as you reach higher altitudes, the altitude increases. The higher altitude is 12,500 ft with 3810 m. as you are gaining altitude daily so be careful. As you are gaining altitude daily so, be careful because there can be chances of AMS. 
  1. Weather and temperature: the weather in the Himalayas depends on the time of year. This means it can be unpredictable however, there are few chances. In winter you have to be careful as the weather can be snowy and the temperature reaches sub-zero levels in winter. 
  1. Terrain- the route or we can say the path of the Kedarkantha Trek includes many steps of Ascents and Descents. Hence, it can be stretching. However, during the winter there is snow, and there can be chances that the trial is covered with a snow cap. So, be careful because you can slip on the ice trail. 

Be careful with the trekking although The trek to Kedarkantha Peak is not very difficult. However, be ready for every situation. As it is a long trail so every day there gonna be a test of your physical as well as mental fitness. So, be calm and have confidence in yourself.