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Sankri Vallage, Uttarakhand:

Gurez Valley Trek

The Himalayan Mountain range holds incomparable beauty and magnificence. The Indian Himalayas are undoubtedly the most beautiful and divine. The rich and vivid culture, which is thousands of years old, has been cherished in the Himalayas, and great sages and mystics have found divine abode there. This ancient culture and spiritual vibrations are still found and experienced by nature lovers. There are certain areas in the Indian Himalayas where you can still observe and experience the ancient Himalayan culture and divine vibes. One such place is ‘Sankri’ and its surrounding areas and neighboring villages.

Sankri is a small village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. This small village is becoming famous among trekkers since it is considered the starting point of many well-known and offbeat treks of the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. You can witness the spectacular view of the Garhwal Himalayan Mountain Range from Sankri. You will be able to spot peaks like Vijay Top, Baradsar Top, and Mt. Swargarohini, along with beautiful Himalayan valleys like Dev Kyara Valley and Har ki Dun Valley.

Har ki Dun Valley

Apart from trekking, the village of Sankri has a lot more to offer to trekkers and tourists of which they may not be aware. Sankri is the best vacation destination in Uttarakhand for nature lovers, birdwatchers, adventure lovers, architects (due to ancient mountain architecture), writers, bloggers, and also for those who are willing to stay in the mountains for a long period and work from there.

In this blog, we have informed you about the main attractions and activities that you can do at/near Sankri. This article will be helpful to readers who are willing to explore Sankri and the surrounding region. First things first. Since Sankri is popular as a starting point for many treks, let’s check what treks are available in the backpack of Sankri.

Trekking From Sankri:

Kedarkantha Summit; Kedarkantha is the most famous trek starting from Sankri, Uttarakhand

Many well-known treks start from Sankri. You must have heard of the Kedarkantha Trek, Har ki Dun Trek, Bali Pass Trek, and Phulara Ridge Trek. These treks have become popular in the last few years. Apart from these, there are many other treks that are lesser-known and start from the same region, such as Baraadsar Trek, Maldaru Lake Trek, Dev Kyara Trek, Ruinsara Lake Trek, and many others.

You can choose to embark on these treks considering your physical and mental endurance and the difficulty level of the treks. Trekking in the Himalayas will indeed be an enchanting and enriching experience for you.

One-Day Hikes from Sankri:

If you are looking for short treks or 1-day hikes near Sankri, you will find many options to wander around and explore the region in the lap of Mother Nature, where you will be able to witness the stunning beauty of the Himalayas. The views of snow-covered Himalayan mountains, alpine lakes, lush green forests, and meadows will fill your heart with immense positivity and enthusiasm. Here, we have suggested some of the most beautiful 1-day hikes near Sankri.

Juda Ka Talab:

Beautiful Juda Ka Talab

Juda Ka Talab is a small alpine lake located amidst the beautiful lush green Himalayan forests. It serves as the 1st-day campsite for those embarking on the Kedarkantha Trek. The trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab is only 4 km long, requiring only 2-3 hours to complete. This one-day hike is easy and ideal for beginners. The peaceful environment (especially in the off-season) and the beautiful reflection of pine and oak trees on the surface of Juda ka Talab will surely be a mesmerizing experience for you. In the peak winter months, the lake remains frozen.


Camping amidst the beautiful Pine forest at Hargaon

Hargaon lies right beside Juda Ka Talab, and some trekkers, while going for the Kedarkantha Trek from Sankri, opt to stay at Hargaon. Hargaon boasts beautiful forests. There are many adventure activities that you can do here. Children will surely enjoy activities like Ziplining, Jumarring, Rock Climbing, Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, and many others.

Zip lining through lush green Himalayan Forets

Hence, Hargaon can be an ideal picnic place for families. After having breakfast at the guest house, embark on a short hike with a packed lunch; reach there, enjoy some fun and adventurous activities, and return to the guest house.

Gangaad Village Visit:

Amazingly beautiful Gangaad Village appearing during the Har Ki Dun Trek

Are you willing to see what an ancient Himalayan village looks like? The cozy wooden homes nestled amidst the Himalayan mountains, with a beautiful Himalayan river flowing in the nearby valley. Can there be anything more beautiful than this? The villagers are very friendly and welcoming. You can drive from Sankri to Gangad in a local cab. It may be a bumpy ride for a while, but once you reach Gangad, you will feel that it was all worth it.

Himalayan Mountain Villages Exploration:

Osla Village (Photo Credits: Arnab Das)

When in Sankri, you can choose to go for a village exploration program. The neighboring villages like Gangad, Dharkot, and Osla are full of mountain scenery and are famous for their unique culture and traditions. You can choose to stay in any of the villages in a mountain homestay. The amenities will be basic, but the experience you will get here cannot be described in words. You will be able to observe the unique architecture of the village homes. If you are in Osla, you can visit the famous Someshwar Mahadev Temple. The unique architecture of this ancient temple is truly amazing. You can also observe the unique professions of the villagers and activities associated with their respective professions like wool weaving, Cholai farming, and many others.

Eye-catching colors of Cholai Fields (Photo Credits: Arnab Das)

You can participate in farming by working in the stepped mountain fields. In the months of July and August, you can come here to participate and observe apple farming.

Himalayan Village Kitchen with wood fire Oven

And you know what? You can also try your hand at cooking. Cooking local cuisines in a wood-fired oven will be a delightful experience, won’t it? Overall, this will be a memorable Himalayan cultural exploration trip.

Water Rafting at Mori:

Adventurous Water Rafting in Tons River; Tons is a tributary of the holy river Yamuna

Mori is just 25 km away from Sankri. After having breakfast, you can drive to Mori for a thrilling adventure. Mori stands out as one of the most picturesque stretches along the entire route. You will be going for white water rafting on the Tons River, which is a tributary of the Yamuna River. The water rapids will take away all the exhaustion of the trek, and the adrenaline rush will fill you with sheer happiness. After white water rafting, you will enjoy delicious meals at the picnic site. After having lunch, rest for an hour there and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Then, you will walk to the natural swimming pool. Kids will enjoy bathing in the serene swimming pool crafted by Mother Nature. You will arrive back in Sankri in the evening and retire for the day. At night, a cozy campfire can be arranged for our group at the guest house.

Bird Watching:

Sankri and its surrounding forest is an excellent place for birdwatching in the Himalayas

Sankri and its surrounding region fall within the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, which is one of the six National Parks of Uttarakhand.

This National Park is home to 102 species of birds. Hence, Sankri can be considered an excellent place for birdwatching. You may not spot all 102 species of birds, but you will surely spot many of them. Some of the birds found here are the Himalayan Monal, Koklass Pheasant, Chukor, Black Francolin, Common Hill Partridge, Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, Western Tragopan, Steppe Eagle, and Black Eagle. In the near future, Sankri and its surrounding forests will emerge as a beautiful sight for birdwatching.

Rufous Sibia (Left) and Verditer Flycatcher (Right) (Photo Credits: Mr. David)
Himalayan Bulbul (Left) and Rufous Treepie (Right) (Photo Credits: Mr. David)

Apart from this, there are a number of tree and plant species that can be spotted in this region. Therefore, those who are interested in learning about Himalayan botany can also come to Sankri for exploration.

Black-headed Jay (Left) and Rhododendron (Right) (Photo Credits: Mr. David)

Work from Mountains:

Experience the peaceful Work from the Mountains concept

Work from Mountains and Work from Himalayas is the concept that came into existence post-COVID pandemic, where professionals from different fields look towards the mountains with hopeful eyes, seeking a long-term stay while working from the mountains instead of their congested city apartments. Any boring or monotonous task can become interesting with the fresh breezes of the divine Himalayas.

Sankri, due to its beautiful and peaceful surroundings, is emerging as a popular Work from Mountain destination. We take pride in saying that Himalaya Shelter has introduced this concept in the Sankri region. These days, the Himalaya Shelter Guest House in Sankri hosts many corporates who are willing to work from the Himalayas.

Shopping at Sankri Market:

Raagi/Mandua Flour; This millet flour is considered to be one of the most nutritious flour

After completing the trek or tour, you can choose to explore the Sankri Market. Unlike shopping destinations in famous hill stations, Sankri doesn’t have fancy and expensive souvenir shops. However, from the small shops in the Sankri market, you can purchase handmade gifts for your loved ones. If you are a foodie and enjoy experimenting with new ingredients, don’t forget to purchase “Mandua Ka Atta” (millet flour) and local red rice. By doing so, you will not only get local food ingredients but also support the local economy by purchasing products from the villagers.

Himalayan Red Rice; This becoming a luxurious food item these days

Himalaya Shelter Guest House:

The guesthouse offers a cozy and comfortable stay to trekkers and tourists. The spacious rooms with attached washrooms and electric geysers provide trekkers with much-required comfort. You can sit on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful sunset views. The spectacular sight of the sun setting behind the Himalayas will be a mesmerizing experience for you. Delicious and hygienic food will be served to you. If informed in advance, we can serve you the delicious Garhwali Thali.

Traditional (and Delicious) Garhwali Thali

Due to its prime location, spectacular views, peaceful surroundings, spacious rooms, luxurious stay, delicious food, and excellent services, Himalaya Shelter Guest House in Sankri attracts many trekkers and travelers, and also hosts nature lovers who are looking for a great work-from-the-mountains option. We have hosted trekkers/nature lovers of all age groups from around the world, and our courteous staff is well-trained to serve all clients and take care of their needs. Himalaya Shelter Guest House in Sankri is the best place to stay with your family.

Cosy and Comfortable Stay of Himalaya Shelter Guest House, Sankri

How to reach Sankri?

To reach Sankri, you will first have to come to Dehradun. You can arrive in Dehradun via public transport, train, or flight. Please note that the Dehradun Airport is almost 25 km away from Dehradun City. Therefore, if you are coming to Dehradun by flight, you will have to take a shared taxi to reach Dehradun city, from where you can find a shared taxi or government bus for your further journey.

Govt. Buses and Private Buses:

Dehradun Railway Station offers limited options for buses to Sankri. A single government bus departs at 8:00 am, while two private buses leave around 6:30 and 7:00 am from the vicinity of the railway station, bound for Sankri town. The drive from Dehradun to the Sankri Basecamp takes approximately 7 to 8 hours to cover. The fare for this journey hovers around Rs. 400 per person, and interestingly, it remains fairly consistent for both government and private bus services.

Private Cab or Taxies:

Located just 300 meters from Dehradun Railway Station, near Hotel Milan or Hotel Grand, you can easily find shared or private taxis. These taxis offer services up to Purola, a distance of 54 kilometers from Sankri. The journey, spanning approximately 5 to 6 hours, comes with a fare ranging from Rs. 400 to Rs. 500.

Upon reaching Purola, shared cabs are available to transport you directly to Sankri. It’s crucial to note that these cabs typically depart before noon, so plan your journey accordingly. The cab fare from Purola to Sankri varies between Rs. 200 and Rs. 300. It’s important to mention that this fare applies only when the taxi is fully occupied; otherwise, the cost may be distributed among the total number of participants.

If, for any reason or personal preference, you happen to miss the available buses or taxis from Dehradun, an alternative is to opt for a private taxi. You can book one at the same location or near Prince Chowk, approximately 400 meters away from the Railway Station. This service typically ranges from approximately Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,500, depending on the type of vehicle chosen, such as a Dzire or Bolero.

Shared or Private Vehicle arranged by Himalaya Shelter:

A complete guide about Sankri and its surrounding locations. The best places to visit. The best family accommodation options in Sankri and also the best options to work from mountains.
The journey to Sankri has some beautiful Sections where you will drive through the lush green forests of Himalaya

Himalaya Shelter is a travel and trekking agency that offers a variety of transport options catering to both shared and private preferences, providing direct transportation to Sankri for trekkers. For shared vehicles, please note that fixed departure dates are in place. It is advisable to inquire and secure your seats at least a week in advance of the departure from Dehradun. The cost for shared transport is Rs. 800 per person.

Alternatively, booking rates may vary for those preferring a private vehicle, ranging from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000, depending on the vehicle of choice, including options such as Dzire, Ertiga, Innova, and Mini. It’s recommended to consider your preferences and plan accordingly for a seamless journey.

Keeping the Himalayas clean is our own responsibility. Reduce the use of Plastic when you are in the abode of the Sacred Himalaya. 🌱

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