Dayara Bugyal Trek

Vast meadows, snow covered landscapes & more!

A great Trek for Beginners & Families

4 Days
Trek Altitude
12,447 Feet
Trek Distance
20 KM
Group Size
Best Time
All Year

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal-A Stairway to Heaven, is a beautiful alpine meadow situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, India. The trek to Dayara Bugyal is popular among trekkers and nature enthusiasts, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

Dayara Bugyal is a meadow trek that can be done in either 3 days or 5 days, depending on the route that you follow. The Dayara Bugyal Trek routes offer you two starting points to choose from. The trek starts either from Raithal or Barsu and often is done in a loop with trekkers returning to the same base camp they start the trek from, i.e. Raithal or Barsu.

Another unique option is to start the trek from Raithal and end the trek at Barsu. This unique itinerary allows trekkers to experience more in the same trekking duration. The Dayara meadows are known for their beauty and the lush green meadows turn into a sprawling snow ground during the winter months and are ideal for skiing or snowboarding as well. This is usually possible from the end of December to early March.

The Dayara Bugyal Trek difficulty level is considered to be easy. A 10-year-old can also complete this trek without facing any problems.
Views of the Gangotri range reward the trekkers and peaks such as Srikantha (6,133 m), Jaonli (6,632 m), and Draupadi ka Danda are visible. On the route, we go through amazing Oak forests. While descending from Dayara towards Barsu, we come across Barnala Meadows with Barnala Tal, a small lake with beautiful views of snow-capped peaks in the background.

You can alternatively check out the 3-Day Dayara Bugyal Trek if you are planning for a shorter visit, such as a weekend. Both the Dayara Bugyal Trek itinerary are available on our website. Dayara Bugyal winter trek is a great alternative to the crowded Kedarkantha trek in peak winters when trekkers in huge numbers visit Kedarkantha. The trek will have ample snow and rhododendrons, along with pine trees offering great contrasting views.

Barnala Tal at Barnala Meadows on the way to Dayara Bugyal

Weather Conditions on Dayara Bugyal Trek:

Dayara Bugyal experiences distinct weather patterns, with the temperature varying significantly across seasons. Dayara bugyal in the winter months from November to March the meadow is blanketed in snow creating a mesmerizing winter wonderland trekand the temperature can drop below freezing, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a snow-filled adventure. In contrast, the summer months, from April to June, bring milder temperatures and lush green landscapes. The daytime temperatures range from comfortable to cool, offering a pleasant environment for trekking and exploration.

Highlights of the Dayara Bugyal trek:

  • It is known as the highest rolling meadow in India, as you will be able to discover the unfolded mystery of the meadows.
  • While trekking through the mesmerizing route, you can cover and learn about different Himalayan villages' cultures.
  • As the Dayara Bugyal trek includes snow, therefore, you can enjoy skiing which will additionally be included as a different adventure in your trek.
  • You will be able to capture the soul-captivating beauty of the Bugyal trek through the route.

Mountain Peaks Visible During Dayara Bugyal Trek:

Dayara Bugyal Trek is beautiful in itself as the trek involves different interesting as well as mesmerizing views. The trek offers you a bird's eye view of the Gadwal Himalayas as the trek is in Uttarakhand.

You will be able to see peaks like-
  • Gangotri (6,672m)
  • Bandarpoonch (631m)
  • Draupadi ka Danda (5670 5670m)
  • Shrikhand Mahadev (5227 5227m)
  • Kalanag (Black Peak) (6387m)
  • Jaonli (6,632m)
  • Srikanth (6133m)
  • Bakariya Top ( 3810m)
These peaks mentioned above are the most famous and snow-capped mountains of the Gadwal mountains.

The Special Goat Village in Dayara Bugyal:

There is a special village in the Dayara Bugyal Trek also known as Bakra Basti. The village is home to goats which is why it is known as Bakra Basti. The Goat Village is the starting village of the Bugyal trek and leads to the top with an elevation of 3048 meters after a 9-kilometer trek. The Goat Village is an initiative for rural women's empowerment that has earthen wooden cottages, and tent pitching and it also serves local food. However, the route from Raithal to Barsu is a four-day-long trek. The goat village is situated at 7000 ft.

Dayara Bugyal Trek with Dodital Lake:

Along with the Dayara Bugyal trek, Dodital is one of the famous and popular trekking destinations. It is a 7 to 8-day trek with eye captivating view of the surroundings. Doditl and Dayara Bugyal treks are ideal treks for families as well because these treks are easy plus there are no such hurdles in terms of medical conditions, rough routes, and risk of any other kind. Hence it is most preferred by trekkers because you can enjoy the beauty of the trek without any worries.

The Dodita trek starts from the village of Agoda and goes through Dodital which is located at an altitude of 3,310 meters. Now your trekking journey starts as you are going to go through forests, mountain passes, and meadows along with traveling you are going to experience the most charismatic view which is like a scenery at makes you feel alive and be a part of the nature.

Gidara Bugyal Trek

Gidara Bugyal Trek is as pretty as a picture, but many people do not know about this trek as it is hidden inside the mountains and the valley is covered with grass. This trek starts from Bhangeli village in Uttarkashi, which is very close to Harsil moreover, You can also get a view of the Bhagirathi River. Gidara Bugyal Trek takes a minimum of 6 days to complete the trek, however, there is an option to increase the days of the trek but that should be decided earlier.

The Gidara Bugyal trek is moderately difficult with 29 km in total, the base camp of the Gidara Bugyal Trek is Raithal which is around 9 hours away from Dehradun. So, firstly you have to reach Dehradun and then travel to Raithal through the route of Mussoorie, while traveling you are going to come across a viewpoint called Tingling Point which includes a stunning view. On a path ahead from Bengali you are going to discover a historical temple and after moving further you will track down a waterfall, every one of us loves a place where you can have your peace so, this is the perfect place for you to relax and then cover the rest of the journey.

After a few hours of walking, you will arrive at your campsite in Munda Ka Thatch. Ahead of the trek, you are going to encounter the Thirya River and on the opposite of the river, you are going to find an open field which is your Thirya campsite. However, you have a 4.3 km trek from Thriya to Thalotya, trekkers cover the path while climbing toward Dokrani you can enjoy the view by seeing Gangotri massif peaks (Srikant, Gangotri I, III, Jaonli, and Draupadi Ka Danda).

Additionally, you can enjoy the sunset view from the east and can see Neelkanth pop into view. Moving ahead you are now going to trek Thalotya to Thalotya via Gidara Top, in Gidara Top on your right you can see Sangam Chatti (where Bali pass trekkers end their trek). While walking ahead on the trek there is a 5-hour trek from Thalotya to Munda ka Thatthar. After covering the distance you can trek from Munda Ka Thatthar to Bhangeli, then you can drive Bhnageli to Rithal. After enjoying the mesmerizing view of the surroundings you can end your trek with a drive from Raithal to Dehradun.

The Unique Butter Festival in Dayara, Bugyal:

The Dayara Bugyal hosts one of the high-altitude Butter Festival which is also known as Anduri Utsav, a unique and special festival for the locals. This festival is held annually between August 16 and 18. During Bhadon Sankranti, in which locals celebrate their thankfulness to Mother Nature. The celebration starts as the locals play Holi with buttermilk at an altitude of 10,000 feet. This butter celebration includes Dhol damau (a local instrument ) along with playing instruments local play skits too and through that, they convey love for lord Krishna and nature.

This is forever going to be a part of their culture, as locals include their children who perform the skits with costumes, dance with them, and spread joy among each other. This is also an attraction to many tourists because they get to know about the culture and while seeing the villagers enjoying the festival, they also feel joy and a chance to experience such blessing.

Best Time to Visit Dayara Bugyal Trek

The trek is open for almost 8 months a year which means it's closed during monsoon. However, as there is no coverage of snow in summer, most people generally families, prefer to to trek because it most the easiest time. The best time to visit Dayara Bugyal is in the spring when the meadows are in full bloom, specifically in March and April, when the weather is favorable, and the meadow is alive with vibrant flora. This period provides a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the Bugyal in full bloom. However, for those seeking a winter wonderland experience, the snow-covered landscape from December to February is simply enchanting.

Here, is the overview of all the seasons to do the Dayara Bugyal trek:

Dayara Bugyal Trek in Winter:

In winter Dayara Bugyal Trek transforms into a snowy paradise. The temperature between day time is 8 °C and 12 °C and at night time the temperature drops between -5 °C and -10 °C therefore, it becomes chilly at night. During winter the view becomes beautiful as the pine trees are covered with the snow which creates a cozy environment. There can be a powdery snowfall in the winter which will make your trek worth it. Therefore, be prepared with your snowy clothes.

Dayara Bugyal Trek in Spring:

During the spring the day temperature is between 13 °C and 17 °C and at night, the temperature drops to 0°C. In the month of spring which is basically in March and April, There is a magical transformation as the snow melts and due to that, there is greenery all around. During spring you can experience color contrast which means you are going to encounter many flowers of different colors and you can see greenery too. Rhododendrons which are called buransh in the local language add more life to the tress.

Dayara Bugyal Trek in Summer:

The Dayara Bugyal trek becomes warm in the summer during the daytime the temperature is between 18 °C and 20 °C and at night the temperature drops to 5 °C. Due to the warm temperature, all the snow melts hence, the meadows turn into bright green color. Trekkers are also going to experience a disfamilier fragrance of summer when you pass through oak and maple trees. During the summertime, there are cloudy surroundings due to dust and pollution during the summer. Mostly summer is known as the best time for trekking because there is no snow so, there is no chance to slip. henceforth, summers are most suitable for trekking.

Dayara Bugyal Trek in Autumn:

In autumn, the weather of Dayara Bugyal is clear and pleasant And due to that, you can see the sharp mountain views. The temperature of Dayara Bugyal in the day is between 12 °C and 15 °C however, at night the temperature will drop to 2 °C. During the daytime, you can witness the maple leaves turning into a fiery red. As there is no snow in The Dayara Bugyal trek during Autumn you can see that all the greenery starts to turn golden.

Best Time to Visit:

How to reach the basecamp of the Dayara Bugyal Trek:

The Dayara Bugyal Trek is in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, so firstly, you have to reach Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and to complete the first task, you can choose to travel either by flight or by other transportation. Once you arrive in Dehradun, you can move further, and to start your Dayara Bugyal Trek, you have to reach the nearest villages which can be either Barsu or Raithal.

You can reach Barsu or Raithal through the route of Mussoorie. To reach Mussoorie from Dehradun you have options like busses, and taxis or you can get help from any local transportation. After reaching Mussoorie you have to get a conveyance to reach to Uttarkashi from Mussorie. Then you have to cover the distance by moving ahead from Uttarkashi to nearby villages like Barsu, Raithal, or Bhatwari hereby the best option is to take a cab or taxi from a nearby taxi stand however, you should also consider covering the traveling in the morning to afternoon because generally in villages people prefer to not travel at nights after the sun sets.

During your journey from Dehradun to Uttarkashi, you will encounter beautiful mountains and get a view of the Bhagirathi River, which is known for changing its color from pure blue to greyish-blue as per different seasons. Moreover, while traveling from Bhadwari to Raithal you will experience a drop in temperature, and because of that, you can go through motion sickness. Therefore, you can have tablets, keep candies, or whatever you require so that you can be comfortable and enjoy the cinematic view. Usually, there is advice that you should take a break while traveling from Uttarkashi to a nearby village, as the journey is 8 to 9 hours long. Hence, it's better to take a break and start your journey with a fresh start.

Difficulty Level of Dayara Bugyal Trek:

It is one of the easiest treks and perfect for beginners, also children above 12 years of age can trek easily. Moreover, you just have to deal with and get used to the high altitude otherwise there are no such difficulties and trekking challenges in the Dayara Bugyal Trek. This is also the reason this trek is preferred by families with children. However, there can be chances that you can face some challenges mentioned below-:
  • In the initial stage of the trek, you can face stamina tests because you have to climb to the Dayara top from base camp to the forest. Although it's not so difficult generally it depends on the stamina too.
  • Another challenge can be the hard snow you have to be careful while dealing with the snow because there can be chances of slipping as snow is prone to slips so, be careful and wear your microspikes while climbing the steep and firmly keep your feet.
  • With the high altitude, there can be chances of mountain sickness which can lead to symptoms of headache, weakness, nausea, and a loss of appetite. These all symptoms are common so, there is no need to worry.
  • There is a tip do not try to make your path new paths because that can be confusing for you as well as for others thus, this can create a fuss.

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Drive: 190 km, 7-8 hrs

Altitude Gain: 2,100 ft – 5,905 ft

Accommodation: Hotel / Guest House

Meals: Dinner


We start our trip from Dehradun railway station at 6:00 am and move towards Raithal village. It takes around 8 hours to reach Raithal. Raithal village is the base camp for the Dayara Bugyal trek which is 32km from Uttarkashi and it's on the way to Gangotri. We will be passing through Mussoorie, Chamba, and Uttarkashi. There will be an Overnight stay at Raithal in a Homestay or Guest House.

Trek: 5 km, 2-3 hrs

Altitude Gain: 5,905 ft – 9,500 ft

Accommodation: Alpine Tents

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Snacks + Dinner


After early breakfast, we begin our trek. Raithal to Upper Raithal is a quick hike of simply 1 km which may be effortlessly performed in much less than an hour. It is a perfect campsite to mark the start of the trek with beautiful views of Mt. Shrikanth, Mt. Jaunli & Mt. Draupadi ka Danda.
Moving ahead you’ll witness a stunning forest full of flora and fauna. A 4 km step-by-step ascending course from Upper Raithal ends in shepherd huts at Gui, an old-fashioned little hamlet instantly out of a mythical world. We will set up our campsite at Gui. This day trek is going through open land and dense woodland at exceptional locations. You will witness igloo huts a beautiful lake(Gui taal) in Gui, a majestic landscape of Rhododendrons, and a forest covered with Silver oaks and deodar trees.
Visible peaks from the Gui base camp will be Mt.Shreekantha, Mt.Gangotri, Mt.Jaunli, and more.

Trek: 7 km, 4-5 hrs

Altitude Gain: 9,500 ft – 11,950 ft – 9,500 ft

Accommodation: Alpine Tents

Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Snacks + Dinner

Wake up at sunrise to witness the spectacular beauty of Dayara Bugyal. Starting from Gui to Dayara Bugyal.
Dayara Bugyal is one of the most beautiful meadows in India. it’s Vast and pristine and offers different landscapes in different seasons. You can explore the region. Soak in the divine peace the Himalaya offers you. After having packed lunch, we will start descending following the same route. On this day, we can explore the nearby Gidara Bugyal and walk on the ridge connecting Dayara to Assi Ganga Valley. The Banderpunch massif, Mt Gangotri, Draupadi ka Danda, and the Black Peak can be seen clearly from here. Early in the evening, we will reach back to our campsite at Gui.

Trek: 5 km, 2-3 hrs

Drive: 190 km, 7-8 hrs

Altitude Gain: 9,500 ft – 5,905 ft – 1,200 ft

Meals: Breakfast

Today, after having breakfast, we will trek downhill back to Raithal and board the vehicles to leave for Dehradun. Travelling through the Himalayan roads will be a mesmerizing experience for you. After enjoying the journey, we will arrive back in Dehradun at night around 8 p.m. You can plan your further travel accordingly.

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  • The trek is easy to moderate. Children above 12 years of age can trek without any issues.
  • It is an easy trek and highly recommended for beginners, thus called ‘pre-trek’ .Amongst the high-altitude treks, this is the least risky.
  • The initial 1km from the base camp to the forest as well as the climb to the dayara top at the end is steep which will test your stamina.

  • Hard snow is prone to slips. A small slip can result in injuries like a ligament tear, a sprained ankle or even a fracture. Thus you should wear your microspikes while climbing the steep sections in snow.
  • At high altitudes, there’s a high chance of getting acute mountain sickness. You should watch out for symptoms like headache, dizziness, fatigue and weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

  • The trek can be done all year round except monsoon, although, the best season to visit Dayara Bugyal is from May to November. However, it receives a lot of tourist visits this during winters as well, mainly because of the refreshing snowfall.
  • The trek looks different in all different seasons.

The trek can be done all year round except monsoons.

  • Breathtaking snow covered peaks like Bandarpooch, Bhagirathi and Black Peak are visible.
  • The peaks of Draupadi ka Danda, Srikantha and Jaonli are visible easily.


  • The trek gives you the opportunity to visit one of the best meadows in Uttarakhand.  
  • This is an ideal place to ski in the months of January to March.
  • It offers clear views of the Gangotri range.

You will find the last ATM at Uttarkashi. However, there’s chances the last ATM might run out of cash, so be prepared beforehand.

BSNL and VI are both available at both Raithal and Barsu.

Electricity is available at Raithal and Barsu

The district hospital in Uttarkashi is the closest. Uttarkashi is an hour drive from  Raithal or Barsu.

Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the most beautiful yet one of the easiest treks in the Himalayan region. A 10-year-old can also do this trek without any trouble.

Dayara Bugyal is a 20km long trek which can easily be completed in the span of 3 to 5 days.

In Uttarakhand, there are 4 main treks that you can embark on during winter.

  1. Kedarkantha Trek
  2. Dayara Bugyal Trek
  3. Kuari Pass Trek
  4. Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek

All these four have their unique beauty.

  1. Kedarkantha is a summit trek that offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding summits. Moreover, witnessing the sunrise from the Kedarkantha summit is an unforgettable experience.
  2. Dayara Bugyal Trek is one of the most beautiful and easiest winter treks in the Himalayan region. It offers a mesmerizing view of the thick forests and snow-covered meadows. Srikantha Peak, Gangotri 1-2-3 Peaks, Jaloni Peak, Pagaria Peak, Rakhau Peak, Draupadi ka Danda Peaks, Shastru Peak, and Bandarpoonch 1-2-3 Peaks are visible from Dayara Bugyal.
  3. Kuari Pass Trek is also a summit trek with an easy to moderate difficulty level. This trek offers you views of several well-known mountain peaks like Nanda Devi Peak, Kamet Peak, Drona Parvat Peak, Hathighodi Peak, Neelkanth Peak, Burma Peak, Nilgiri Peak, Chaukhamba Peak, Chauwau Peak, Mana Peak, Deoban Peak, and many more.
  4. Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek is more of a spiritual trek. Tungnath is the highest Shiva temple in Asia, offering magnificent views of snow-covered mountains. The Tungnath Temple remains closed during the winter season.
  1. Transport support from Dehradun to Dehradun
  2. Pick-up location: Prince Chowk, near Dehradun Railway Station
    Pick-up Time: Around 7:30 am
  3. All vegetarian meals starting from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on the last day
  4. Professional Guide, Cook and Support staff
  5. First-Aid kit with Oximeter and Portable Oxygen Cylinder
  6. Kitchen tents, common tents, toilet tents with portable toilet seats
  7. Rent for camping equipment like Clean sleeping bags and foam mattresses, Good quality ‘A’ shaped or dome tents, Camping stools, Table and Crampons and gaiters if required
  8. Forest entry charges for Indian nationals (Additional charges will be applicable for international tourists)
  9. Porter and mule support to carry camping equipment and NOT personal luggage
  10. Accommodation throughout the trek on a triple-sharing basis
  11. Guesthouse accommodation on the first and second last day on a triple-sharing basis
  12. All applicable taxes
  1. Personal expenses like tips, personal medicines, phone calls etc.
  2. Any transport support during the trek apart from what is included above
  3. Any cost or services not mentioned in the Inclusions
  4. Accommodation in Dehradun
  5. Adventure Insurance
  6. Cost arising due to unforeseen incidents like bad weather, medical evacuation, roadblocks etc
  7. Porter and mule support to carry personal Luggage can be arranged at an additional cost of INR 350 per bag per day (weighing up to 12 kg)
  8. Please carry a lunch box for packed lunch/breakfast to avoid using polythenes and Aluminium foils. Keeping the Himalayas clean is our own responsibility. Reduce the use of Plastic when you are in the abode of the Sacred Himalaya. 🌱