Butter Festival Bliss: Trekking Through Tradition On Dayara Bugyal

zAfter a long time somehow, we decided to go on a vacation. Although, me and my friends were looking for something we could remember for life. Then we decided to plan a trek. We wanted it to be peaceful and mesmerizing. Therefore, we went to Dev Bhoomi, Uttrakhand. This place has always been close to my heart. As we have already done Kedarkantha Trek. While searching for the best treks in Uttrakhand we heard about one of a kind festival called Butter Festival. We started digging for more information about the festival. After getting all details we decided to do The Dayara Bugyal Trek. This trek is mainly famous for its distinct Butter Festival. 

“Let’s do it” These were the exact words we all said and we went for it. We needed someone to guide us for the trek. Therefore, we started researching the best agency to help us complete The Dayara Bugyal Trek. after all the exploration we choose Himalaya Shelter. Some of our friends have already done a trek with them so, they suggested we go with them. We communicated with the agency and started the Trek to see the famous Butter Festival. 

About Butter Festival and its importance 

Butter Festival is also known as Anduri Utsav. This is a unique festival that holds great importance for Raithal villagers. This festival is celebrated in the Raithal village of Uttarkashi. Locals play with Butter and Buttermilk instead of colors. It’s celebrated as Holi. Which is a known festival of Hindus. Butter Festival takes place annually between August 16-18. The festival unfolds on an elevation of 12,000 feet. We knew that Dayara Bugyal is widely known for Hiking and Trekking. However, the Butter Festival made the trekking more exciting and highlighted part of the Dayara Bugyal Trek. 

This Festival is celebrated during Bhado Sankranti. The purpose of this festival is to thank and take blessings of Mother Nature. To keep their livestock healthy and provide for them. Along with playing with butter and buttermilk local people also play their local instruments (Dhol Damau). Side by side they convey their love for lord Krishna through the skits. It’s commendable for local people that in such high altitude they celebrate the Butter Festival with enthusiasm and playfulness. After attending the festival I became a fan Of Raithals people. 

The houses are decorated with Pooris which is an Indian dish. This is a tradition that all the villagers follow from time to time. During the Butter Festival, there is a cheerful vibe. Many tourists are involved in the festival because they do not want to miss such a rare opportunity. Villagers perform a variety of traditional folk dances like Jhora, Barada Nati, Thali Nritya, Chholiya, Langvir Nritya, Rasu Nritya, and Pandava Nritya is most famous and done often. This festival is an attraction for many tourists because they get to see something unique.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

This is the easiest trek hence, it can be done by beginners and most families choose this trek. This trek is in Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand mostly popular for trekking and hiking. It has an average elevation of 3639m. Mostly spring is the best season to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek because in spring you will see a carpet of grass and along with green grass you will also see red and pink rhododendrons. Hence, it enhances the beauty of the trek. In Dayara Bugyal Trek you can see Garhwal Himalays like Nanda Devi, Bandarpunch, and Swargarohini. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek is also famous for its Butter Festival. Many people are aware of the beauty of the festival. However, villagers know the importance of the festival. This meadow is famous for its flowers and unbelievable landscape. The Dayara Bugyal Trek includes unbelievable beauty. It includes many birds and has a different landscape that’s it is the most preferable trek. 

When you drive from Dehradun to Raithal which is gonna be your first basecamp. You are going to see a beautiful forest while going through the route of Mussorie. Moreover, Mussorie is already a famous hill station so, you can visit the place after coming back from the trek. When you travel through the route of Uttarkashi from Mussoorie you are going to visit a viewpoint called Tingling. You can pause over there and can see the breathtaking view of the place. When you reach Raithal you will witness mesmerizing sunter over famous peaks like Mt Bandarpoonch, Mt Srikanth, Mt Jaunli, and Draupadi ka Danda peaks. These all peaks are very famous and each peak holds importance differently. 

On the second day of the Trek, you will see Mt. Srikanth and Gangotri 1, 2, and 3. All these peaks are at high altitudes and are famous in the Gadwal region. On this day we started trekking from Raithal to Gui. here we went through a lovely Oak forest. We discover many different trees on the way to Gul. we saw a U-shaped forest and from the lake of Gui, you can see beautiful sets which blow your mind in terms of beauty. 

Day 3 is a trek from Gui to Chilapada. Here we saw huts of the Forest department which were in igloo shapes. Gui Tatch is a place from where we saw an incredible range to the Gangotri range. After moving forward on the fourth day we trek from Chilpada to Nayata by the route of Dayara Top. This is a beautiful route where you will discover many flowers. Now, on the fifth day, we trek from Nayata to Raithal. Then after reaching the base camp we then on the next day return to Dehradun. However, we pay our visit to the popular hill station Mussoorie. Which is impressive. 

Goddess that are worshipped in Butter Festival

As Butter Festival is a celebration of local villagers. Henceforth, they will worshipped their local deity. 

  • Lord Somkareshwar

In the local Lord SomKareshwar is known to be a part of Lord Shiva. However, Lord Shiva holds a profound position in the village. Therefore Lord Somekeshar is not only the local god of Rithal. he is worshipped in other villages of Uttarakhand too. 

  •  Nature spirits (Fairys) 

The word nature gives us a clear indication that it is a god of nature. The most common thing that you will find in the mountains is that all the local people pray. Generally, they worship rivers, mountains, woods, and all the non-living things present in the village. For their protection and blessings. Locals usually call them Achari. They are faithful and respect what they have this is the lesson we can learn from them. 

  • Goddess Bhagvati

Beloved of Lord Shiva who is Parvati. She is known for her nurturing and protective qualities and is known as Bhagvati. 

  • Agricultural Deities

Villagers are mostly dependable on agriculture. Therefore, they worship for Agriculture god for fertility and growth.

  • Agricultural Deities

One of the primary gods of Dayara Bugyal is Jeetu Bagadwal. Villagers believe that he is still protecting the village. 

In many villages of Uttrakhand (Bhairav Devta, Narsingh Devta, and Kshetrapal Devta). Deities protect the village so they are worshipped.

How to Reach Dayara Bugyal for the Butter Festival 

Step 1: If you are from Delhi or any other place you can book a flight, a train, or any other transportation to reach Dehradun. 

Step2: After reaching Dehradun, you have to reach Raithal, Uttarkashi. 

Step 3: Further in the route ahead you are going to go towards Gangotri, then after 32 kilometers you will enter the village of Bhadwari. 

Step4: you will have to move uphill from Raithal Village.

Step 5: the Dayara Bugyal Trek starts from Raithal. 

Me and my friends were very excited about the Butter Festival. However, along with the Butter Festival, we get to experience the beauty of the Dayara Bugyal trek. we are mesmerised with the journey of The Dayara Bugyal Trek. All over it was beautiful journey with many memories. so, yeah it was successful for us. nevertheless, if any of you want to do the trekking and is still confused you can go with Dayara bugyal Trek in Uttrakhnad.